About The Bruree Coll Family

James Coll and Geraldine Cronin met at a dance in Redbarn, Youghal, Co. Cork
in the year 1966. The showband playing on the night was Brendan O’ Brien and the Dixies.

James and Ger got married in August 1969 and lived in Youghal for three years. While living in Youghal they were blessed with three boys; Robert, Brian and Anthony. They then moved to the UK in 1973.

Just before returning to Ireland in 1980 their first daughter Carmel was born. They moved to west Waterford and built a four bedroom house at Grange, Ardmore.

In 1990 their second daughter Sarah was born and in 1993 they moved to Bruree, Co Limerick. James’ Ancestors are deeply rooted in south county Limerick. Ger missed her native Port Lairge and returns there frequently, especially for hurling matches.

Our family has grown up now and live in Germany, England, America and Ireland.

James and Geraldine's wedding day
James and Geraldine's wedding day
The Coll Family at Grange, Ardmore
The Coll Family at Grange, Ardmore
The Coll house, Bruree
The Coll house, Bruree
  • Love at first dance!
    James and Geraldine meet for the first time at a dance in Youghal
  • Marriage
    August 1969
    James and Geraldine get married in August of 1969, 3 years after meeting.
  • First child
    Sept 1970
    James and Ger are bless with the birth of Robert, their first of 3 boys. Brian and Anthony quickly follow.
  • UK bound
    James, Ger and the 3 boys moved to the UK.
  • First girl
    The first girl of the family, Carmel, was born just before returning to Ireland.
  • The return home
    Later in 1980, James, Ger, the 3 boys and new arrival Carmel returned home to Ireland and built a four bedroom house at Ardmore in Waterford.
  • Second daughter
    Ger gave to birth to their second daughter Sarah in 1990.
  • Final move
    The Coll family upped sticks again and made their way to James' ancestral home of Bruree.